WARNING: The audio in this episode is rough. What can we say? We were young(ish), dumb, and thought we’d save a little money by sharing one microphone. Yeah. The audio quality improves drastically after episode 9. 

In this episode, Brandi tells us about Dr. Robert Neulander, the beloved OBGYN who killed his wife.

… Or did he? Maybe. It’s totally possible. But damn it, it’s also possible that she slipped in the shower. The prosecution and defense used the same pieces of evidence to tell two different stories. So is he a killer? We don’t know. And it’s driving us fucking nuts.

Then Kristin talks about Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. It’s a doozy. The Hulk’s lawsuit against Gawker got the site shut down and could have a chilling effect on the first amendment… and it was all funded by a billionaire with an axe to grind. Come for the do-rag jokes, stay for the lecture on consent.


And now for a note about our process. For each episode, Kristin reads a bunch of articles, then spits them back out in her very limited vocabulary. Brandi copies and pastes from the best sources on the web. And sometimes Wikipedia. (No shade, Wikipedia. We love you.) We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the real experts who covered these cases.

In this episode, Kristin pulled from:
The documentary “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press”
“Jury awards Hulk Hogan $115 million as Gawker looks to appeal,” Politico
“Gawker in the fight of its life with Hulk Hogan sex-tape suit,” Politico
“Peter Thiel’s Secret War with Gawker,” New York Times

In this episode, Brandi watched the hell out of:
The 48 Hours episode, “The Doctor’s Daughter”

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