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SPOILER ALERT: Brandi structured her story to surprise you, so if you want to be surprised, don’t read any further!

Brandi starts us off with the story of world-class creep Mary Kay Letourneau. Mary Kay was an elementary school teacher who repeatedly raped a twelve year old boy, and became pregnant with two of his children. But Mary Kay wasn’t treated like your run of the mill child predator. Oh no. The media and the justice system gave her the pretty white lady treatment. 

Then Kristin tells us a truly bizarre tale. In 2011, Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter moved into their dream home. But almost immediately, strange things started happening. Their house was listed for sale on Zillow. Their mail stopped. Romantic Valentine’s Day cards went out to several married women in the neighborhood — the cards were supposedly from Jerry. Then, the pranks got a whole lot more sinister.

For this episode, Brandi pulled from:
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“Mary Kay Letourneau”

For this episode, Kristin pulled from: 
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